JoJo Siwa

You know how all these YouTube are all about designer things and have a lot of money and do inerpropret video and you no on the news there was an incident with a YouTuber Logan Paul and now you weary of letting your children watch YouTuber like that. Then yesterday I was on twitter and I follow JoJo Siwa and she wrote a really lovely tweet read this tweet below not every YouTuber is a bad. So if your children want to watch YouTube I think you should let them watch her she is only 14 and she is funny she never swears and she is also child friendly. I love JoJo Siwa Thanks for reading



I watch a video witch i think is helpful because a boy made a video and he has autism click here i think autism is just a name witch is helpful for others around us to understand how they think also it helps you if your child is going to secondary school  because then teacher will understand how your child’s brain works. I also watch a video on FASD and i think is quite helpful for parents click here i also think FASD is just a name but this one is not as common as autism FASD will affect the brain in many different ways so it really helpful for other adults and children to no about but your child thinks in a different way to other children there age. I also watch a video on ADHD i also think it very helpful click here i think ADHD is the child has a lot of energy and can’t really sit down for very long lots of adults think the child has something wrong with them when they don’t they are just very lively or they don’t understand why someone is doing that or doing this. This is what life is like with autism ,and FASD ADHD If you or your children have ADHD autism or FASD there is nothing wrong with you or you child. Thank you for reading 🙂


Having fun in the snow


I think i have wrote a lot about adoption but i really today wont to talk to you about what i did this morning today it was snowing and i was fast asleep at half seven then my sister came running into my room she jumped on my bed and was screaming down my ear saying it is snowing it snowing then me and sister ran down stairs then me and my sister ran in the garden and we played for an hour then i had my breakfast then now i am writing this blog but later we are going to go to the park with all our friends. I hope all of you are have a good day because i no i am going to. Thank you for reading 🙂

Why i think sticking to your bounders is good

Hi everyone, I am going to talk to you why i think sticking to bounders is a good thing. I think if you stick to your bounders the child will think oh i can’t do that i need to back down or i wont get this or i be able to do this or i will have to go to my room if i don’t back down or say sorry. If you just give in and say ok the child is going to think oh i can get away with that i wonder if i can get away with this or that. The child isn’t going to trust you if you give in they mite like you more but the child needs an adult they can trust even if that means they  they are angry and upset with you. The child is testing is testing you to see if they can trust you because in there past they have lots of adults around them that they couldn’t trust. So if you and setting a rule you need to stick to you think is right the child mite after that try to purposely try to ruin the day but you have to thing they are doing that to see if you are really trust worthy and you will have a happier family. Thank you for reading 🙂

How my brain works

My brain works differently to other children and some of your sons or daughters brains will work the same as mine. So some of your children mite not no they need to think about other people feeling but children who haven’t had so much trauma in there life  will no you need to think about other peoples feelings as well as theirs. Some of your children will always think you are telling them off if you are saying “please don’t do that.” But they are not doing it to make your life hard they think you are telling them off. Maybe some of your children when you are about to say something think you are going to tell them off even if you were going to tell them something nice. Lots of adopted children brains work like that so if they are shouting at you are screaming or hitting or kicking you still have to deal with it but never take it personally they aren’t doing it because they hate you they are doing it because they are angry. But half way through that meltdown they are sorry but they feel bad or embarrassed so they don’t know how they say that so they try to get you drawn in so then they can say but you did this so then this isn’t on them. so the top tip in all of this is never take it personally. Thank you for reading. 🙂

My very first blog

I really want to say “Hi, my name is….” but I can’t do that because this is anonymous! I’m 12 years old nearly 13 and I’m adopted so this really needs to be anonymous! I am writing this blog because I don’t go to school because I went to a mainstream  secondary school but I got beat up once and I got into a lot of trouble. I have HDHD and autism and something called FASD  witch is when your mum drinks when you are in her belly and when you are born it effects your brain and the way you think. At the minute i am half way through getting assessed for a EHCP so i am sitting at home every day with a home tutor for an hour  each day and then bored not knowing what to do .Me and my mum have looked round more than 3 special schools and we just have to wait. Thanks for reading. please leave comments thanks.